Everyone Are Possible To Be Entrepreneur, Including Programmer

Diterbitkan 7 tahun yang lalu

EEPIS-Online, Entrepreneurship seemed being the public attention. University graduates are expected to be great businessman. Make work field for those who is not afforded.

That is why, ITPreneur collaborate with IT Student Affairs held seminar themed "Programmer Be Entrepreneur" as community week events.

CW_Programmer_Berentrepeneur.JPGThe event were followed by 35 students from IT. Starting from Saturday(12/03) at 08.00 am by context of entrepreneurship for programmers.

"Through event, we hope that it will spread inspiration for participanrs and comittee to uphold young entrepreneur to be more developed."Wiyono said as Head of Commitee.

"We can use capital and bring feedback in entrepreneurship." Irsan said as participant.

All participant were using dresscode as their future professionals. It is purposed to shape their mind set that entrepreneur is not depent on one field. Everyone may.(aul/ryo/mel)



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