Open Talk: Socialization Of EEPIS Independence

Diterbitkan 6 tahun 11 bulan yang lalu

EEPIS-Online, Following up on rising issues about the status of independence EEPIS, there was held opentalk within EEPIS management and students. Through student affair management represented by 3rd Vice Director of EEPIS, Miftahul Huda, students were understanding about these issue. Definetely, yesterday afternoon (30/12) the management of EEPIS did the event. Held at theatre, the opentalk are attended by some lecturers also.


The enthusiasm of students is very visible in following this event. Hundreds of students who consisted of various courses of study in EEPIS. In the event organized by the Ministry of internal relationship of EEPIS student executive board, management socialize all the things about the early independence of EEPIS to provide insight to students about how the future conditions after an independent status.

IMG_3046.JPGAlso in this occasion Miftahul Huda explained the various plans and views to the front of the next EEPIS. In addition, the opentalk told about the arrangement of courses described in EEPIS. On this section, also attended as well as a Joke Pratilastiarso,Head of SPE. He explained that nothing has changed in the EEPIS system, which carried only the rearrangement course in EEPIS. Going forward, the program of study in the EEPIS will be grouped based on 4 Department are:


1. Department of Electrical ( Electronics Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, and Electrical Indusrty Engineer)


2. Department of Informatics and Computer (Informatics Engineering and Computer Engineering)


3. Department of Mechanics and energy (Mechatronics Engineering and Power Energy Engineering(SPE))


4. Department of Creative Media (Multimedia Broadcasting and Game Tech Engineering)


Students expect from this event can be held open talk the same event like this next time. In order to get better an explanation and the management can deliver it directly to students. So to answer the questions that exist in the minds of students EEPIS. (sat/rar/lee/mel)



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