Spirit Of Innovation, EEPIS Students Bring Achievement Through Android

Diterbitkan 7 tahun yang lalu

EEPIS-Online(12/09), Juvenility is not a matter to keep inovating. In this part of age, youth even supposed to explore their potentials to make innovation. It was proven by Yoga Haryuna. 4th grede student of Electronic engineering has been successfully achieved 3rd runner up of Lomba Karya Inovatif Teknologi Olahraga 2011. By his partner, Kharisma Tinanda Putra, they gave new thropy for EEPIS in prestige competition conducted by Kementrian Pemuda dan Olahraga (Menpora) RI. They conquered other 16 finalists.

a.jpgYoga and friend made tool to detect fatigue and injury for athletes muscles. It is simple, just put the tool into sleeve. It will detect fatigue muscle signal. The result are able to be shown in Android screen.

Firstly, it is just for fun. He enrolled registration form to Menpora official in early August 2011. It was very long time spent to wait for. They were thinking that their tool would not break out to the competition. It took a couple weeks before due day. Yoga was contacted by commitee that their creation was going to final. Next, they went to Batam at November 23rd-24th , 2011. The finalist were 19 teams. They are coming from all around Indonesia. The adjudicators counted that Yoga s is innovative, Indonesian Aviation and Outer Space Research Board gave them IDR 1,5 million as research budget.

" I was excited, it is very limited in time. I was directly preparing for everything maximally to be winner." Yoga said.

They were left their tool at Surabaya and find difficulty at signal processing.Finally , they did it well and came as 3rd runner up. Next, this invented tool will get patents from youth and sport minister. Therefore, they get royalties as benefits from tools trade.

"We are very appreciate toward this winning. Espescially my family. Further, I will focus to my final project, I hope it will be finished punctually. Amiin." (sat/mel)



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